About Us

Welcome to Universal Lifecare Pvt. Ltd., a leading innovator in the field of medicine manufacturing.

Founded on a commitment to enhancing global healthcare, we are dedicated to creating high-quality pharmaceutical products that improve the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research capabilities enable us to develop and produce a diverse range of medications, from essential generics to breakthrough therapies.


At the heart of our work is a team of passionate professionals, including scientists, researchers, and industry experts, who collaborate tirelessly to ensure the safety, efficacy, and accessibility of our medicines.

We are driven by a vision to make a meaningful impact on human health, and we continuously strive to exceed industry standards in quality, safety, and sustainability.

With a focus on fostering partnerships and promoting global health equity, we are committed to fulfilling the healthcare needs of diverse populations and supporting healthcare providers in delivering exceptional care.

Join us on our journey to advance medicine and create a healthier world for generations to come.

Our Mission

Our mission at Universal Lifecare Pvt Ltd is to improve global health by developing and providing high-quality, accessible pharmaceutical products that address diverse healthcare needs. We are committed to advancing medicine, fostering innovation, and delivering value to healthcare systems and patients worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in pharmaceutical innovation, setting new standards for excellence in medication development, manufacturing, and healthcare delivery. We strive to make a meaningful impact on human health, supporting individuals and communities in achieving healthier, more fulfilling lives.


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Kishor Pavasiya

CEO, co-founder

Maulik Hingu

CEO, co-founder

Kristin Watson

CEO, co-founder
Universal Lifecare Pvt Ltd

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